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ANGRY NATION – Embracing The Collapse


Former or current members of bands like DARKSIDE, DARK LUNACY, DEMOLITION, INFERNAL POETRY, ANTHROPOPHAGUS, WILL´O´WISP, WOLFHEART FEAT. THE MALAVITA ANTISOCIAL CLUB, CITIZEN X, WAVES, BOLOGNA VIOLENTA, BUSHI and many more) have teamed up to record the second album of Austria´s thrash metal veterans ANGRY NATION.

The Austro-Italian thrash formation ANGRY NATION enters the second round. After the debut album „The Fail Decade“, published in 2016, the metal veterans from Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria Walter Oberhofer (git) and Wolfgang Süssenbeck (voc) will release their second coup on 8 September 2018 together with their Italian colleagues Alessandro Vagnoni (dr) and Jacopo Rossi (b-git). The brutal sound of the album underscores the claim of this Austrian-Italian musician´s friendship. The newly added J. Rossi already introduces himself very spectacularly in the second song with excellent bass playing and emphasizes the way of the band with his bass runs consistently, a dance on the razor blade´s edge on the the dividing line between Thrash and Death Metal. The songs appear to be a bit more straightforward and a bit catchier than on the debut album, and the overall picture is decidedly more harmonious, certainly due to the well-balanced mix made by Alessandro Vagnoni of Plaster Productions, but also not in the last place due to the excellent mastering done by 360 degree producer Jens Bogren. Especially the songwriting of W. Oberhofer can excite suspense and is growing a lot of expectations, with clever phrases and the essential portion of aggression and feeling, he sets out to captivate the listener. Hymnic tunes alternate with fierce riff staccatos and compete for the favor of the inclined headbanger. A. Vagnoni’s drum rhythms cover the entire spectrum of modern drumming and transport the mostly mid-tempo riff cascades in a targeted direction, accurately into the heart of the thrash metal fan.

Conceptually, the quartet remains essentially true to their very own roots. The sometimes socially critical and almost anarchic-looking lyrics of the songs are also continued in the cover art, for which the renowned state-of-the-art artist Joachim Luetke is responsible. Further austrian participations are provided by the two musicians of Ghidrah, Lukas Kager (dr) and Thomas Fuchs (git), as well as by Alex Kodnar, all of them ennoble the song „State Of Deception“ with their skills, as well as by the guest appearance of the talented Grimmra Noir, who is able to set a shimmering highlight the on the slightly proggy „Freedom’s Origins“ with her vocal performance.



Walter Oberhofer – guitars

Alessandro Vagnoni – drums

Jacopo Rossi – bass guitar

Wolfgang Süssenbeck – vocals


Guest musicians:

„State Of Deception“

Lukas Kager (GHIDRAH) – drums

Thomas Fuchs (GHIDRAH) – Guitar

Alex Kodnar – Solo

„Freedoms Origin“

„Grimmra Noire – Karo“ – female Vocals

„Background Vocals“

Alexander Riegler

Chris Baloun


  1. Black Ink Terrorists
  2. Universal Seduction
  3. Armed Revolution
  4. Supremacy Of Reason
  5. Trail Of Dead Bodies
  6. Embracing The End
  7. State Of Deception
  8. Dead World Empire
  9. Automaton Mentality
  10. America Has Fallen
  11. Freedom´s Origins